Shavington Vision Statement

At Shavington Academy we believe in our pupils. We believe they will achieve greatness and we believe they will develop and grow into respectable citizens. Our mission statement ‘Together we enjoy, aspire, create and achieve’ underpins our ethos and our collective drive for all pupils both academically and personally. Our expectations and standards within the Academy are consistently high, from the quality of education that pupils enjoy, to the values and behaviour pupils promote and share. We pride ourselves on the Academy values that will enable our pupils to become a responsible member of our community, as well as preparing them for the demands of the modern-day world. Shavington pupils will enter into the world as strong citizens, socially versed to promote equality, diversity, respect and tolerance. We aim to always consider the needs of our community, welcoming parents, carers and local residents into our school and working effectively to maintain positive relationships with all.

We believe in the ‘Growth Mindset’ philosophy and this enables and supports our approach to learning, across all elements of the Academy. We recognise that our pupils are individuals, and as such their talents and greatness reaches far and wide. We want our pupils to be lifelong learners, with the drive to succeed beyond limits. We want our pupils to be independent, confident individuals who learn that personal growth inevitably involves setbacks, but that these can be faced with resilience, and that becoming the best person that we each can be is more important than constant comparisons with others.

We are committed to a broad curriculum and the highest possible academic standards. The quality of our staff, both in terms of qualifications and their ability to reach out to young people is outstanding. We aim to maintain the best value education we can, amongst the ongoing pressures of education. Creativity is held in high esteem and we are immensely proud that our pupils thrive across the arts. We believe in fostering pupils’ imaginations, creating opportunities for them to be innovative and original are extremely important when nurturing young minds.

We acknowledge that the extra-curricular life of every young person is important to us, recognising as we do that education is much wider than academic progress. Our extra-curricular opportunities are vast and varied across all aspects of the Academy, as well as opportunities to travel and try new experiences, all of which make the experience with us a rich and rewarding one.

The Academy’s drive and beliefs also includes its staff, at all levels. We are committed to developing a culture which is continually improving and meeting the needs of all of its community. Professional Learning opportunities are tailored to meet the needs of our pupils and staff and we relish the opportunities our local and wider networks provide. We believe in Leadership at all levels and work immensely hard to ensure it is effective.