Our Approach to Homework

At Shavington Academy we see homework as an opportunity to develop skills to become more independent and to extend learning beyond the classroom.  Homework is set on a regular basis, as per the timetables listed on our website.  

Homework is set as:-

  • Revision
  • Learning 
  • Reading ahead
  • Completing work and writing up work 
  • Research

Top Tips for Pupils to Prepare for Homework

  1. Create a space in the house to work in; this can be as simple as at the kitchen table, or in a bedroom
  2. Set a routine: e.g. the same time every day, check your Teams page for assignments, get a drink and snack, sit down and work through the tasks
  3. Ensure that equipment is available: pens, pencils, ruler, paper, calculator, exercise books, text books etc
  4. Keep noise and distractions to a minimum; ensure that phones and TVs are switched off
  5. Talk to parents about your homework tasks, they may be able to support you, if you need it
  6. Look at the feedback from your subject teachers when you are completing your homework, to show you have followed the action points given
  7. Time management, if you feel that you have a lot of homework to do, plan out the tasks over the course of the week, so that you don’t miss any deadlines