Science Department

At Shavington Academy, in the science department, we encourage pupils to learn through investigation and discovery. Using practical experimentation and research to develop a depth in scientific knowledge, building transferable skills we need later in life. 

The three sciences; biology, chemistry and physics are studied equally, and we offer a separate science course at KS4. 

Pupils will examine topics from the building blocks of life, molecules and matter, to the laws of physics, which govern the world we know. These topics are revisited over 5 years to build a high level of understanding for each individual pupil. 

We also discuss important current developments to relate learning to real life and how science can impact us all.

Key Stage 3 Journey

Our KS3 course follows the Exploring Science scheme of work. It is clearly divided into biology, chemistry and physics units and all students will follow a balanced curriculum. As well as developing our students’ knowledge and understanding of scientific theory, our curriculum has an integrated working scientifically component and a clear focus on literacy and communication that seeks to develop students’ confidence in articulating their scientific ideas.

Year 7 Learning Journey

Year 8 Learning Journey

Year 9 Learning Journey



Key Stage 4 Journey

GCSE Science Courses & Examinations

AQA Combined Science: Trilogy (8464) – most pupils.

A combined science qualification or ‘double award’, covering biology, chemistry and physics to give the equivalent of TWO science GCSEs 

Excellent preparation to study many science courses after Key Stage 4

Accepted for A level courses 

Separate Science Course

AQA Separate Sciences  

GCSE Biology (8461), Chemistry (8462) and Physics (8463) gives THREE GCSEs 

Provides an excellent foundation for A-level


When: All exams take place at the end of the course in Year 11. 

Question types: multiple choice, structured, closed short answer and open response.

Tiers: Foundation; GRADES 1-5 and Higher; GRADES 4-9.

Marked on a 17 point scale. 9-9 is the highest, 1-1 is the lowest.

Weighting: the papers are equally weighted. Each is worth 16.7% of the grade and has 70 marks. All students will take six papers, a Paper 1 and Paper 2 in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Combined Science: All examinations are 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Separate Science: All examinations are 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Year 10 Biology Learning Journey

Year 10 Chemistry Learning Journey

Year 10 Physics Learning Journey

Year 11 Biology Learning Journey

Year 11 Chemistry Learning Journey

Year 11 Physics Learning Journey


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