The Wider Curriculum

At Shavington Academy we are committed to providing a range of opportunities that transcend the traditional classroom and prepare our pupils to lead happy and successful lives. This is achieved by:

  • Focusing on the personal development of all pupils and building their character so that all our young people grow into young adults who respect and accept the diverse perspectives that make up our wider world
  • Placing our core values at the centre of all we do in the Academy (our core values are known by our school community through the acronym SPARK: Self-regulation, Pride, Ambition, Resilience, and Kindness)
  • SPARK lessons with a focus on relationships, health and wellbeing, and living in the wider world
  • Promoting spiritual, moral, social and cultural thinking (especially through Philosophy & Ethics lessons)
  • Promoting the British Values of democracy, the rule of law, mutual respect, and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs
  • Our house system, which encourages healthy competition between our three houses: Franklin, Lowry, and Owen
  • Pupil leadership opportunities, culminating in the opportunity to apply to be an Academy Ambassador in Year 11
  • A wide range of enrichment opportunities, including: trips and visits, guest speakers and visitors
  • Our careers guidance and post-16 preparation, which is tailored to our context and is supported through our network of local organisations who work with us regularly to provide work-related opportunities
  • Community support through fundraising and getting involved in local community projects
  • A wide array of extra-curricular clubs, groups and activities that provide opportunities to get involved in areas of particular interest