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Shavington Academy Curriculum


Shavington Academy strives to provide a world class education for all its students. The Academy has, over the course of the last five years, quality assured its provision against national benchmarks, including: RE Mark Gold, Investors in careers, Inclusion Quality Mark, Dyslexia Friendly, Excellence in Mentoring and Arts Mark Gold.


The Academy strives to:

  • · Have high expectations and respect for all students and parents/carers and partners
  • · Work in partnership with parents, Children and Young People Services, external agencies, local business, industry and community so that students are provided with support and learning opportunities
  • · Provide an orderly, caring, safe, secure and stimulating environment
  • · Promote equal opportunities for all students, tolerance and inclusion
  • · Provide a wide and enriched extra- curricular programme
  • · Equip pupils for life in a modern British society


A Curriculum for the Future

The challenge at Shavington is to create and maintain a curriculum that:

  • · Raises achievement in all subjects, particularly in English, Mathematics and Science
  • · Equips all learners with the personal, learning and thinking skills they need to succeed in education, life and work in Modern Britain
  • · Motivates and engages all learners to achieve their full potential
  • · Builds resilience
  • · Enables a smooth progression from primary, through secondary and beyond
  • · Encourages young people to go on to further and higher education
  • · Meets the needs, interests and aspiration of all our learners
  • · Provides support and mentoring for vulnerable groups of students and individuals
  • · Ensures that assessment supports effective teaching, learning and encourages learners to reflect on their own progress
  • · Provides opportunities for focused support and challenge where needed
  • · Meets national initiatives and government requirements


Curriculum Aims

  • · To enable all young people to become: successful learners; confident and considerate individuals; responsible citizens
  • · To encompass a planned and coherent approach to personal development that promotes in pupils the following messages and goals: be healthy physically and emotionally; stay safe; enjoy &achieve; make a positive contribution; achieve economic well being
  • · To provide opportunities for students’ spiritual, moral, cultural and spiritual development and an understanding of the values of a modern British society
  • · Equips all students with the necessary qualifications, skills and qualities for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life in the 21st century and beyond
  • · To support mental and physical development, personal, social and health education
  • · To provide a flexible personalised curriculum which promotes learning achievement and progression for all students
  • · To provide support and mentoring for vulnerable groups of students (for example, Cared for Children, children entitled to the Pupil Premium, new arrivals, young carers, ethnic groups, EAL, SEN).
  • · To incorporate assessment into the learning outcomes to encourage learners to reflect on their own progress
  • · Provides regular feedback to students and parents/carers on attendance, punctuality, progress and future targets set to improve performance
  • · To encourage a positive, caring, supportive, safe and secure environment within the academy Identifying vulnerable groups of students and individuals and provide support and mentoring to help them to achieve their potential
  • · To seek the continuous support and work in partnership with all parents/carers, extended school services, other agencies, local businesses and industry
  • · To offer a wide range of cultural, sporting and other challenging activities in a local, national and international context


The Shavington Academy Curriculum incorporates provision for different cohort of students, but seeks to develop a growth mind set and avoid labelling:

  • Pupil Groupings: our ethos within the Academy is that intelligence is not fixed and therefore strive to ensure all pupils have access to content and skills that are the most challenging. This ethos ensures that pupils do not have their learning or achievement capped, based on their primary journey and it allows pupils to flourish. Support is provided for those that may find this challenging, but we still enable opportunity through this broad-banded, mixed ability approach to groupings.
  • Gifted and Talented Students’ needs are met by means of a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum. They have access to provision for additional out of school hours, study programmes and master classes in cross curricular areas
  • Pupils with Special Needs: curricular areas provide appropriate material and work is prepared with care in order to match students’ abilities. In some cases, the curriculum is modified to respond to emerging needs and personalised to the individual. For example, where mental health needs emerge. Those needing additional support may receive 1:1, small group sessions or in class support. Where necessary, external agencies are commissioned e.g. speech and language specialists, dyslexia support etc.
  • Vulnerable Groups: Additional support to narrow the gap in achievement for vulnerable students is planned, delivered and monitored to secure progress. This support is targeted to emerging need. e.g. academic mentoring, one to one Maths tuition, breakfast homework club etc.


Here at Shavington, the teaching of SPARK, covering all physical, health, social and emotional learning is taught throughout all year groups in lessons, and this, along with Citizenship is embedded through form time and assemblies, as they play a key part in pupils’ development. The breakdown of subject delivery and allocated hours can be found in the menu tabs.

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