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Holidays In Term Time

As you would expect, we analyse the progress of all of our students, both whilst they are in school and once they leave. A strong pattern that we see throughout is that children who miss school do not do as well as others, and do not make the progress of which they are capable. This is because the lessons that they would have been involved in provide the opportunity for discussion, and misconceptions to be teased out through question and answer sessions. Even with a commitment to ‘catch up’ work, classroom oracy cannot be replaced.


Examination results are not everything, I think we can all agree. Unfortunately, absence also impacts a child’s friendships, and routines, which can lead to a child feeling less confident in school, following their absence. This, in turn, can lead to further periods of absence, with the detrimental effect it brings.


Our stance is that fourteen weeks are available for family holidays, and a decision to take additional days holiday is something that we find concerning. For this reason, we only approve holidays in term time very rarely. We co-operate with the Local Authority on issuing Fixed term Penalty Notices, and court orders. We are unable to provide catch up lessons and additional resources for absences that are unapproved.



If you would like forms requesting for your child a period of absence or to have medication administered in school, can you please contact the school directly on 01270260717 or email: .

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